Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, Beamer! At BeamAndGo, we see OFW journeys as stepping stones toward better lives for families. Explore our FAQ page – tailored to address fellow OFWs' common queries. Need more? Chat live or contact us via:

Beam&Go FB Page / Customer Support Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (UTC +8)
PH Call Hotline: +63 949 839 3322
Viber: +63 949 839 3322 / +63 916 538 6670
WhatsApp: +63 916 538 6670


  • What is BeamAndGo?

    BeamAndGo is a digital platform na binuo upang tulungang makamit ang mga ninanais o pangarap ng mga tulad po ninyo na OFW kasama ng inyong mga mahal sa buhay. Sa produkto at serbisyo ng BeamAndGo, kayo ay nakakasigurong naibibigay ninyo ang mga pangangailangan ng pamilya regularly, kahit nasa malayo man kayo. Our goal is for you to amplify your desire to achieve financial inclusion, security, and resilience, and more importantly, to meet your underserved needs, empowering you with financial building blocks to uplift your lives and transform the lives of their families back home.

  • How to sign up?

    Madali lang po. Please start by clicking the link below and enter your country of location, mobile number, your desired password, first name and last name. Kung mayroon kang email address, mas ideal na ilagay rin ito:

  • How to log in?

    Please start by clicking the link below and enter your username and password:

    You may also use our OTP Login by simply selecting your country of location from the drop down menu and inputting your mobile number, wait for the numeric password that you will receive via SMS and key it in to the page to continue.

  • I forgot my password/how do I reset my password?

    To reset your password, click this link:

  • How to update or edit your profile details?

    Please log in to your account at Click the burger button or the three lines after your name on the upper right side of your BeamAndGo account. Select My Profile and enter your edits. Please do not forget to click on “Save”.

  • What are your products?

    We selected the products that we believe are the most essential to OFW families, katulad ng bigas, pang-grocery, pang birthday celebration gaya nga Red Ribbon, Greenwich at Jollibee, vitamins, healthy food choices at iba pa. To check, please click here:

  • How to order?

    Madali lang po. Please follow these steps:

    1. Sa mga walang pang account, please sign up here:; for those with existing account, simply login with your username and password here:
    2. As soon as you are logged in, select the location/area where your beneficiary lives.
    3. Browse for a product you desire to send.
    4. Enter your beneficiary’s details (name, mobile number, address).
    5. Select mode of payment. Follow the prompt until makakuha ng transaction number para makompleto ang proseso.
    6. Gamitin ang transaction number sa pag check or follow up ng inyong order.
      **Ang transaction number ay binubuo ng 14 digits na kagaya nito: 20210125-123456
  • How to pay?

    Marami po ang mapag-pipilian. BeamAndGo accepts payment through credit/debit card, BeamAndGo E-wallet, online banking, Gcash,, BDO deposits, or any remittance centers that accept BDO deposits. We also have accredited sales channels worldwide kagaya ng Pacific Ace at PNB sa Hong Kong, at PNB sa Lucky Plaza sa Singapore. Maaaring magpunta sa mga na mention na establishments upang mag inquire at derektang mag transact. Para sa full details, please see the image below.

    Sales Channel Partner
  • What is BeamAndGo eWallet?

    Will be updated once eWallet is live.

  • How to get a BeamAndGo eWallet?

    Our eWallet is currently available in Singapore, but will eventually be present in Hong Kong and Taiwan soon! To sign up for the eWallet, please follow this link:

  • Is it safe to use my credit card and bank details? Is my information secure?

    Yes, your information is safe and secure with BeamAndGo. BeamAndGo does not retain or store your credit card information. For more details, click on to read our privacy and security policy.

  • How to resend my Gift Certificate codes?

    Madali lang po. Simply log in to your account at, click on the hamburger or on the three lines at the top part of the page, click Transactions and select the related transaction number. On the selected page, look for the Resend SMS button and click. The SMS will be sent again to your beneficiary’s mobile number, real time.

  • What is a BeamAndGo Cashback?

    The BeamAndGo Cashback Loyalty Program is a credit and point incentive program operated by BeamAndGo, designed to reward its users for their loyalty. By participating in this program, account holders can earn a percentage of the amount spent on every order as cashback rewards. Users become eligible for cashback rewards after completing just one successful transaction, providing an immediate benefit to participants.

  • How do BeamAndGo Cashback rates and statuses work?

    Please refer to the following guidelines:

    • Basic Beamer: 1 - 24 transactions in a year.
    • Standard Beamer: 25 - 59 transactions in a year.
    • Premium Beamer: 60 or more transactions in a year.

  • Who qualifies for Cashback Loyalty Rewards?

    All BeamAndGo account holders are eligible except for:

    • Participants in partnership programs (eTailers, enterprises, merchants, etc.).
    • Transactions fully paid with Load And Go.
    • Transactions below PHP 1,000 payable amount.
    • Transactions made from an eTailer, sales channel, or enterprise.
    • Employee BeamAndGo accounts.

  • When will I receive my Cashback rewards?

    Cashback rewards are instantly disbursed upon completion of a transaction on the website.

  • How can I utilize cashback rewards effectively?

    Secure your cashback by marking the "Use Credits" box when ordering for upcoming BeamAndGo store purchases.

  • Is it possible to convert my cashback into actual currency?

    Cashback is non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of currency.

  • Is the cashback amount a fixed value?

    The amount of Cashback earned may vary from time to time based on company promotions and other marketing initiatives. The current Cashback rate will be clearly communicated on the BeamAndGo website, in its in-app communication platform. Any changes in the Cashback rate will be communicated to users through In-App messaging, ensuring that users are aware of any modifications.

  • Does the cashback have an expiration date?

    Cashback earned per transaction will expire after one year of inactivity. It's advised to use your Cashback within this period to prevent expiration.

  • What happens to the cashback amount if I request a refund for a transaction that included cashback?

    The cashback amount will be reversed in case of a return or refund for a purchase made with disbursed Cashback.