About Us

BeamAndGo is the leading movement for financial inclusion, education and management for Overseas Filipino Workers.
Our accessible and inclusive digital marketplace and financial ecosystem enables and educates migrant workers to achieve family resilience and financial security.
We have products, tools, and services that enable our customers to control their finances, save money, and earn money.
We value the sacrifices and contributions of every OFW. We hear your cries, we hear your stories and we're here to help.
Let's walk hand in hand to reach your next goal.
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BeamAndGo Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based firm specializing in consumer-related eCommerce products and services. We are built for OFWs and their families — to help them build beyond their current situation and shape their lives back home.
Please email us your comments and suggestions at customerservice@beamandgo.com. Your feedback is important to us.
Reach your next goal.